AFTER LAPSE is a new and exciting, progressive metal band from Spain.

The band was initially formed in 2019 by Roberto Cappa/Drums, Arturo Rodriguez/Guitars and Pablo Sancha/Keyboards, who had worked together in Delyrium for many years.
After the initial gathering, they've completed their line up with Jorge Escudero/Guitars (replacing Arturo Rodriguez), Ruben Miranda/Vocals and Javier Palacios/Bass and are currently working on their debut album (expected release in 2022), which will mix lots of elements and influences of their previous musical careers and bands - bands like Dark Moor, Crownless, Krait, Kinnia or Delyrium

Look out for this interesting gem from Iberia!


Ruben Miranda - Vocals
Jorge Ruiz - Guitars
Pablo Sancha - Keyboards and backing vocals
Javier Palacios - Bass
Roberto Cappa - Drums


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