While originally founded in 2003, the 2013 EP “Cognizance” kind of marks the start of the Course of Fate that exists today.
While initially strongly influenced by bands like Dream Theater and Queensryche, strong roots in progressive rock and -metal as well as AOR and classic hard rock has evolved to include influences from bands such as Katatonia and Opeth, culminating in a darker, more modern sound with a strong identity not really reminiscent of any specific band or subgenre.While being classified as a progressive metal band, CoF has never been too engulfed in the stereotypical technical and theoretical difficulty that is often associated with the genre.
The musical focus always being concentrated on good melodies, groove and feeling rather than impressive technical skill or deep theoretical knowledge.Course of Fate's lyrics, mostly written by singer Eivind Gunnesen, often studies psychology and esoteric themes; examples being the concept album Mindweaver's focus on a man bent on starting a doomsday cult after receiving what he believes to be visions of the end of the world.The bands music is mostly written by Kenneth Henriksen, the band's only constant member since the founding in 2003, although drummer since 2015 Per-Morten Bergseth and guitarist since 2005 Marcus Lorentzen has contributed songs to the band's recent catalogue.The music is usually written and presented to the band as a rough pre-production recording and then finished by the band as a whole, making room for everyone to contribute to both arrangements, riffs and melodies.While Kenneth and Eivind has kept within the confines of progressive metal bands throughout their musical careers, the rest of the band has roots in black-, death-, thrash and heavy metal, classic rock, blues and even trance and other electronic genres.
Several members has had stints playing with bigger bands and artists such as Jorn, Wig Wam and Eirikur Hauksson.


Eivind Gunnesen - vocals
Kenneth Henriksen - guitars
Marcus Lorentzen - guitars
Daniel Nygaard - bass
Per Morten Bergseth - drums
Carl Marius Saugstad - keyboards

Worldwide: Rock of Angels Records

2020 - Mindweaver