EVERDAWN (under the previous band name, Midnight Eternal) released their self-titled debut album in 2016 in Europe and North America through Inner Wound Recordings.
What characterizes the sound of the band is the sense of melody, a synthesis of melody and power, crushing guitars, double bass and multi-layered vocals.
The album sold well, and had a huge following on Social Media, amongst others with a video that reached more than 1 million views on Youtube.
After a European tour, as openers for the avantgardeners in Therion and a North American tour, as opening act for Queensryche, the band was more than ready to take a step up the ladder.
Alas, due to chages in the band, where the leadsinger and bass-player were dismissed, the remaining (and founding) members had to start anew, hence the change of the band's name.

With the change of name, EVERDAWN has also enrolled the bass played extraordinaire, Mike LePond from Symphony X as well as the Canadian singer Alina Gavrilenko, completing an amazing line-up that is rounded up by Richard Fischer (guitars), Dan Prestup (drums) and Boris Zaks (keys).

The new (2nd) album, named 'Cleopatra', which was released worldwide on March 5th, 2021 through Sensory, was recorded during summer of 2019 and has been mixed and mastered by Dan Swano, well-known for his work, both as a musician and as producer (Opeth, Evergrey, Oddland, Omnium Gatherum, a.o.) and dives even further into the melodic furnace, where hits are created.

The stunning artwork for the new album was painted by the uber-talented Hungarian artist Gyula Havancsak (Annihilator, Grave Digger, Tyr, a.o.) and displays a breathtakingly beautiful version of the old Egyptian queen and the surroundings in her temples and lands.
A must-have for collectors!

The melodic style of the band is unmistakeable and with soaring guitar soli, and a truly unique voice, EVERDAWN is once again proving that they are a band to be reckoned with.

In a truly poetic transition, eternal midnight is over and the future shall now belong to the band that will see the dawn forever.


Alina Gavrilenko - vocals
Richard Fischer - guitars
Alan D'Angelo - bass
Dan Prestup - drums
Boris Zaks - keyboards

Worldwide: Sensory Records
Japan / Asia: Marquee/Avalon

2016 - Midnight Eternal