Needless was founded during the winter of 2004 in Danszentmiklos, Hungary.
The band started as a home project, and slowly evolved into an active group for the year 2014.
Their music basically consists of traditional elements of melodic thrash and death metal with the atmospheric side of black metal with some progressive elements.

All mixed up into a fierce blend of aggression and ferocity, with mythical themes and nihilistic contemplations about humankind in the lyrics.
In 2015 the band came up with their first accountable release called "The Dark Spirit of Ages" EP, which received critically positive feedback.
After its release, Needless did several shows in its home country with bands like Aggression, Nervosa, Nuclear, Dew-Scented, and Flotsam And Jetsam.

In 2021 the band signed to German-based label UPRISING! Records and released a new album, entitled "The Cosmic Cauldron", on January 7th, 2022.
On the band's second album, the Hungarian death metallers offer a ten-track sci-fi concept album featuring the story of an astronaut who grants an unbearable gift from an entity, which is beyond our universe. A relic, a framework, a godly being out of this world: The Cosmic Cauldron.

A nearly one-hour-long musical journey where the young quintet explores their explosive mix of melodic death metal, progressive structures, and complex narratives. Featuring the gorgeous voice of Martina Horvath from Thy Catafalque on the track "Planet Oblivion" and with otherworldly cover art designed by Mark Cooper (Rings Of Saturn, Master, Malevolent Creation), "The Cosmic Cauldron" is metal of the 21st Century on earth with an eye in space.


Laszlo Banfalvi: bass
Kasper Botond: drums
Tamas Barany: guitars
Adam Foczek: vocals
Daniel Marton: guitars

Worldwide: Uprising Records

2021 - The Cosmic Cauldron

2019 - Heresy