Sky Empire is a progressive metal band, based in the UK.

Stylistically, the music is guitar driven with a focus on heavy melodicism, a nod to the late great Dimebag Darrell whose heavy yet melodic riffing was a key influence on guitarist and songwriter Drazic Lecutier.

More broadly, Sky Empire's musical inspiration ranges from classic progressive, heavy rock and metal bands, notably Deep Purple, Rainbow, Yes, Rush and Journey through to more modern metal and progressive bands such as Iron Maiden, Pantera, Dream Theater and Symphony X.

Sky Empire independently released their first album "The Dark Tower" in early 2018.

Soon after, the band signed with Dutch progressive record label Rock Company after The Dark Tower came to the label's attention. In September 2018 the album was officially released by the label to positive reviews noting in particular the songwriting along with the band members' strong musical performances.

Sadly, in early 2019, Sky Empire's vocalist Yordan Ivanov lost his life in tragic circumstances. Yordan's bandmates in Sky Empire alongside family and friends grieved for his loss in the period that followed.

After much introspection following the loss of their dear friend Ivanov, two of Sky Empire's three remaining members from the "The Dark Tower" album era (Tom Hobson on Keyboards and Remi Jalabert on drums) decided they did not wish to carry on with the band.

Though Lecutier was also heartbroken at the loss of his friend and consequentially considered stopping the band, newly appointed bassist Jay Driscoll (replacing erstwhile bassist Tony Snow from the "The Dark Tower" album) discussed the situation with Lecutier and they agreed that it was appropriate to carry on and re-build Sky Empire in Ivanov's honour.

Sky Empire welcomed former Degola drummer Inaldo Ramos to the band soon after and are now looking for a vocalist.

Sky Empire will appoint a new vocalist in due course, carrying on the impossible task of filling the void that the loss of Ivanov created in the heart of all those that knew him. However, his spirit lives on and Sky Empire plans on honouring his memory by playing the music that immortalized his talent on "The Dark Tower" - and beyond...


Drazic Lecutier - guitars
Jay Driscoll - bass
Inaldo Ramos - drums

Worldwide: Rock Company

Dark Tower - Sky Empire