Sky Empire is a progressive metal band, based in the UK.
Stylistically, the music is guitar driven with a focus on heavy melodicism, a nod to the late great Dimebag Darrell whose heavy yet melodic riffing was a key influence on guitarist and songwriter Drazic Lecutier.
More broadly, Sky Empire's musical inspiration ranges from classic progressive, heavy rock and metal bands, notably Deep Purple, Rainbow, Yes, Rush and Journey through to more modern metal and progressive bands such as Iron Maiden, Pantera, Dream Theater and Symphony X.
Sky Empire released their first album 'The Dark Tower' in September 2018 through Dutch progressive record label Rock Company, but sadly,soon after, Sky Empire's vocalist Yordan Ivanov lost his life in tragic circumstances.
Deciding to take a hiatus due to the loss of their friend and bandmate, the band eventually continued with a new lineup led by Lecutier.
After signing with Intromental Worldwide, new constellations were tried out and the vocal spot on the new album, entitled 'The Shifting Tectonic Plates of Power - Part 1' was performed by none other than the legendary vocalist Jeff Scott Soto, who has ripened an already amazing album to a perfect melodic blend of progressive rock and heavy metal.
The album was produced by band mastermind Drazic Lecutier and mastered at Abbey Roads studios by Sean Magee (Iron Maiden, Rush, Beatles, Journery, etc etc).

Vocals, performed by: Jeff Scott Soto
Guitars performed by: Drazic Lecutier
Drums performed by: Remi Jalabert
Keys Performed by: Tom Hobson
Bass performed by: Jon Delaines

The album will surely appeal to fans of both 70ies, 80ies and 90ies eras of progressive heavy rock/metal, but also to the fans of the new age spotless equilibrism of prog-artists, like Tesseract, Haken or Vola.


Jeff Scott Soto - Vocals
Daz Lecutier - Guitars
Remi Jalabert - Drums, Percussion
Tom Hobson - Keyboards
Dan Jones - Bass

Worldwide: ViciSolum Productions

Dark Tower - Sky Empire