Sullen is a progressive music project from Portugal.
Despite their roots, they seek for new approaches and wander along darker and taciturn paths, without constituting a resignation to the ethereal. They want, essentially, for the music to reflect their perception of the world, reality, of matter and spirit - a very personal journey which covers a diversity of experiences and moods; of tension and revolt; of purge and peace.

Sullen was born from the long-term friendship and musical partnership between César Teixeira, Marcelo Aires, Guilherme Lapa and André Ribeiro, shaped by the search for something musically refreshing and equally dark that led to the start of something new and different than anything ever done by these musicians. From the start there was a clear intention, a collective focus and direction.

As the music for their debut started to take shape and venturing into new sonic realms, the need for a bigger sound palette made itself evident, and so João Pereira joined on keyboards, bringing sound design elements and all the creative possibilities of synthesizers.
The complex multi-layered guitar sections made the band start searching for the final member and Pedro Mendes came along with a profound knowledge of the band’s objectives.

In February, 2015, “Post Human” was released and marked a new era for the project, praised with very positive reviews from all over the world.

2018 marked a very important shift on the project, as Guilherme Lapa left the band to pursue other musical endeavours, being replaced by Ricardo Pinto; César and João also decided to focus solely on Sullen’s studio and production work, which would bring David Pais to the equation, as the new main vocalist. With an updated collective, the follow-up to “Post Human” is currently shaping itself to something very special, soon to be released.


David Pais - Vocals
Andre Ribero - Guitar
Pedro Mendes - Guitar
Ricardo Pinto - Bass
Marcelo Aires - Drums / Percussions / Keys

Worldwide: TBA
Japan / Asia: TBA

2015 - Post Human