Tersivel is an Argentine metal band from Buenos Aires founded in 2004 and, since 2018, based in Malmö, Sweden.
The band signed to Uprising! Records in 2021 and released their third studio album, “To the Orphic Void”, in early 2022.
Since its conception, the band has shown a willingness to push the genre boundaries to the limits, daring to go beyond the edge for the sake of concept and experimentation.
Deeply rooted in mythology, paganism and philosophy,Tersivel embodies concepts to explore and sublimate human emotions.
Tersivel originated in the pagan/folk metal scene over a decade ago, and while they still occasionally perform some of the old songs, their music on recent releases has been transcending and marked as genre-defying, oscillating between progressive and post-metal while incorporating death/doom influences.


Lian Gerbino - vocals, guitars, bass, noise
Franco Robert - keyboards, synths
Danny Ebenholtz - drums, percussion

Worldwide: Uprising! Records

To The Orphic Void - 2022

Worship Of The Gods - 2017

For One Pagan Brotherhood - 2011